Tuesday, May 20, 2008

High Fever

So many things happened for the past months.. as usual, my Daddy and Mummy are as busy as ever.. with work, me after work and house work after me... hahaha.. .. A smile from me will make them happy :)

I had a high fever over last weekend.. Hit 40.2 degree celuis that Daddy and Mummy rushed me to KK A&E. Poor me was pricked on finger for blood. After fever for a few days, now rashes all over the body, doctor say I have viral fever, some people after viral fever will have rashes on body. Grandma say I have false measles .. whatever it is .. hope everything will be over soon.. I am feeling so bad and uncomfortable.. want Mummy and Daddy to hug me and give me comfort.. but poor them.. have to work in day.. night time have to tolerate my temper and discomfort.

My first year old birthday coming soon.. Mummy say she have booked a chalet to celebrate.. looking forward to it... :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Baby

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life Begins....

My name is Ryan Tay Wen Kai. Born into this world at Mount Alvernia Hospital after much negotiation with daddy and mummy.. we compromise on 02.07.2007 as we think its quite nice and easy to remember... what do you all think?

Daddy and mummy both are so busy with me since the day I am born.. they do not have the time to explore how to help me create this blog.. only the day when I am four months old (lunar), then mummy started to help me type this message.. my first message.. will ask her backdate for me later.. will also show you all my photos from birth till now.. of course.. will be when both of them are free.. haha..haha.. must see my mood.. if I want to let them have their own time